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Andrzej Drabikowski - age is just a number

Can you become a professional athlete at the age of 45 and win competitions at the highest levels by competing with people clearly younger than you? Meet Andrzej Drabikowski - INNUBIO Ambassador and the revelation of 2019 in the world of bodybuilding. Enjoy the read.
INNUBIO, 2019-09-20

MP – Maciej Przybylski (INNUBIO)
AD – Andrzej Drabikowski

MP: Andrzej, tell us something more about yourself. I think that many people may not know you, and you are such an extremely interesting person. How did it all start? Where did the passion for sport come from?
AD: I am now 45 years old, and I became interested in sports for the first time when I was 16 years old. It was then that so-called atlases, i.e. devices with several exercise positions, began to appear in Poland. It was exactly 29 years ago. A long time ago, right?

MP: Oh yes. I must admit that at the time I was at most in my parents' plans (laughs). People who find out your age rather see you in sports retirement, and you ... You just got into professional sport and competitions at the highest level. How do you do that? What is the most important for you in life?
AD: In my life, I value independence and regularity, which in every sport translates into the highest achievements. I lead a healthy lifestyle and pay a lot of attention to a healthy diet and supplementation, without which I could not achieve the intended effects. I take everything I do very seriously and I always give 100%.

MP: Where did the idea to become a professional athlete come from?
AD: So far, as you say, I have been treating sports as a hobby. This year, however, I decided to become a member of the IFBB World New Year Sports Organization in the Men Bodybuilding category. I already have several starts, but the last, the European Championships, in which I became a bronze medalist, made me realize that age is just a number and if I want I can still achieve a lot in this sport.

MP: You mentioned earlier about healthy eating and supplementation. Which INNUBIO products do you use and why?
AD: When it comes to products containing CBD, as a person subjected to doping controls I cannot reach for those containing THC. BeFit is a product that I do not part with for a moment. In this most difficult period for me - preparations for the competition, when my body is on the verge of endurance, it gives me an extra kick and reduces body fat, and thus cares for a hard-worked figure. It is worth taking a closer look at MCT here, which in combination with CBD gives really amazing results that personally surprised me a lot. Hemp protein powder is the absolute basis for healthy building and shaping of muscle mass, as well as boosting metabolism, and thus a marked improvement in mood.

MP: When are the next starts? We already have to keep our fingers crossed because in the near future your calendar schedule is quite tight, right?
AD: I will say that ... September - Arnold Classic Europe, October - Polish Championships, December - World Championships. As you can see, I have got a lot on my plate (laughs). The next start will take place on September 20 in Barcelona.

MP: Sounds impressive. We will keep our fingers crossed. In conclusion, maybe a few words for our readers?
AD: Sport is healthy and it is never too late to start your adventure with sport. As the example of my person shows - age is just a number, and INNUBIO products will definitely help you achieve your goal! Greetings to all and keep your fingers crossed for me.

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