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/ News / CannaCedar – immunity in a capsule. An interview with Witold Casetti

CannaCedar – immunity in a capsule. An interview with Witold Casetti


A release of CannaCedar, a new INNUBIO product, has caused quite a stir in the network marketing industry. What is the reason and why does CannaCedar give us a perfect opportunity to comprehensively strengthen our immunity at all possible levels? We have talked to Witold Casetti, an extremely popular journalist and businessman, about this unique product that is first in the world to combine hemp and cedar.

Maciej Przybylski: Witold, where did the idea for the cannabis industry come from and why INNUBIO?

Witold Casetti: I have always believed that health is very important. For many years I have been taking care of effective supplementation. Hemp is a natural way to live a healthy life. I came across Innubio over a year ago and we have been using hemp products at home since then. They are of very high quality and, what is important, at extremely competitive market prices – this is possible because Innubio is fully independent and self-sufficient. For example, it has its own arable fields and laboratories, which enables strict control of all production stages, while maintaining reasonable prices for the end user.

Maciej Przybylski: Do you think that too few people still know about cannabis in Poland and in the world? What hemp products are you using at your home?

Witold Casetti: Yes, I believe that hemp is completely new for many people and that further education in this issue is necessary. In our home, we mainly use CBD and CBG oils. Our children regularly use CBD oil with monk fruit, which gives a sweet aftertaste, making them reach for it more willingly. Additionally, we have introduced a lot of hemp-based foods such as teas, oils (hemp seed and pumpkin seed oil are our favourites), hemp protein powder, which contains more omega 3 acids than olive oil, and shelled or unshelled hemp seeds, most often added to salads, yoghurt or even porridge :). I am also a great fan of dried hemp and cosmetics, the SOS hemp ointment in particular.

Maciej Przybylski: What do you think about the new product – CannaCedar? You were able to test it before its release. Surely you already have some first insights.

Witold Casetti: I have been waiting impatiently for this product and I am glad that it is now available. It is because the flu season is coming and we must take special care of your immunity. CannaCedar has only 2 ingredients – a Korean cedar, which contains over 150 valuable nutrients, and hemp flower pollen, which is rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids. Such a composition speaks for itself!

Maciej Przybylski: What is the advantage of Cannacedar over supplements available on the market?

Witold Casetti: CannaCedar is 100% natural. It is made in divine proportion (Golden Proportion) and contains trace and macro elements, fatty acids, vitamins, terpenoids, cannabinoids and flavonoids. It improves immunity, prevents cancer and stress, cleanses liver, reduces insomnia, has a positive effect on the digestive and reproductive system, slows down the ageing process, and many, many more. And what is the most important – we get it all at a really affordable price!

Maciej Przybylski: Any final remarks?

Witold Casetti: I am glad that Innubio is developing so dynamically and that it educates about therapeutic properties of hemp. I also appreciate the combination of hemp, herbs and other natural ingredients with exceptional healthy effects, as it creates even greater opportunities. I am very happy to be part of such an important project.

Maciej Przybylski: Thank you for the interview.

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