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/ News / Collect them all! A collection of 3 limited INNUBIO mugs

Collect them all! A collection of 3 limited INNUBIO mugs


Sit back in the armchair and drink hemp infusion from one of the three limited INNUBIO #myhealth #mybusiness #mylife mugs. Sounds interesting? Check what to do to become the owner of limited INNUBIO mugs.

Each of the three INNUBIO mugs can be obtained by taking advantage of special offers prepared by us. Limited-time offers will follow each other in each subsequent month: 

September – INNUBIO #myhealth limited mug 

October – INNUBIO #mybusiness limited mug 

November – INNUBIO #mylife limited mug

Take advantage of the offer and assemble a collection of limited INNUBIO mugs!

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