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/ News / “Helping others gives me satisfaction” – interview with Danuta Książek

“Helping others gives me satisfaction” – interview with Danuta Książek


She loves walking in the woods. She collects herbs. Walks barefoot in the meadows, even in winter. She does not attend doctors because there is no such need. For the last 30 years she has been making a living from working in multi-level marketing. She says she has a lot of fun doing this job.

How did your adventure with Innubio start?

I was on a training course from another MLM company that I was working with at the time. A friend called me and said he had a cool topic. He sent me videos about the products, but after five minutes, I stopped watching them because they were about cannabis, which I thought was drugs. Fortunately, he suggested that we talk about business when I get back. After I got back, he showed me the marketing plan. I compared the salaries quickly with those in other companies with a similar number of people and turnover. I found out that in Innubio the income is three times higher!

I found it impossible. A friend of mine replied, "Check it yourself."

Did you check?

Immediately after this conversation, I met my aunt and I told her at ease that we would sell drugs. She replied that about 50 years ago in her native region, like other people living there, she was involved in the cultivation of hemp and the production of everyday objects from it. She gave me a simple but profound lecture about it. I learned from her that hemp was replaced by medicine due to prohibition of cannabis cultivation. This conversation made me start looking for more information about them. I found out, among other things, that the first pants from Wrangler and Lee were made from hemp, that a lot of things were made from hemp, and that there were different types of cannabis, including those that did not contain narcotic substances. This knowledge gave me a new perspective on cannabis.

Was that when you started working with Innubio?

My heart was in another MLM company that I was working with at the time. Moreover, I had good earnings there. However, hemp products interested me so much that I decided to start working in parallel. When I took my first steps in Innubio, it turned out that the money was OK. I reckoned that since at this stage it really is as my friend said it would be and as it is presented in the marketing plan, it should also be so in the next stages.

In the meantime, I went to the companys headquarters for a meeting. I met the owners and management board members there. I was positively surprised by them. They made a very good impression on me. I noticed that they have a lot of positive qualities. I felt that there is a lot of potential in this company and that I want to be 100% with it, that it is my company.

Then I decided to devote all my energy to working with Innubio. There are three things that determine whether a given MLM company is worth working with: adequate remuneration, good products for everyone and a management board consisting of people who are well organized and have capital for the development of the company.

I agree that these are essential items. In order to be successful, you also need your own competence. How do you acquire it?

During all these years of cooperation with MLM companies, I took part in about 20 international trainings. The ones I participated in in the country are too numerous to count. I always take notes on them. I am a good student. This knowledge is useful if you put it into practice. Moreover, you have to be an example for others. It is also useful in private life, in relations with family and friends. I feel as if I have completed several college courses.

Is it thanks to this knowledge that you can successfully recruit new people for business cooperation?

Yes. At the beginning, I could not talk to people, I was afraid to make contact with people in order to propose a business. I could not call. One of the first exercises that I learned during the training was talking on the phone while looking in the mirror. I watched myself in it and kept in mind whether someone would want to talk to me based on my expression. It turns out that the emotions expressed, among others, by face, can also be heard in the voice. If you are smiling, enthusiastic, people are always willing to talk with you. Practice makes perfect.

How do you still keep yourself enthusiastic about it?

I most often make calls when I am in a meadow, in the forest, when I admire the beautiful views. It is impossible to be in nature, in a beautiful place and be sad at the same time. Being in nature charges me with positive energy.

They say you do not go to the doctors?

Yes, I do not go to the doctors and I am not testing myself. And neither did my grandfather and grandmother. I do not know anything about drugs and diseases. I feel good. Nature helps me maintain good health. In the past, people healed themselves with food and I follow this principle.

So your approach to health is consistent with what you are doing?

That is right. Hemp products help maintain good health. They are also helpful in my work. I always suggest Innubio coffee during business meetings. It is dried in the sun and ground together with the hemp flowers added to it. Delicious! It gives you energy, I feel great after it.

Where does this hemp come from?

The company has its own crops. I had the opportunity to go to the place where it is grown, touch the hemp and smell it. I also visited the company laboratory. All elements of the production process, including the production of packaging, are done by Innubio.

How important do you think relationships are in network marketing?

You could say I started working in network marketing for money, and stayed in network marketing for relationships and people as well. There were times in other companies that when relationships broke, you looked for another company. For me, however, my 30-year cooperation with MLM companies is a beautiful story that continues to this day. I met a lot of people during this time. I am having a lot of fun in this business. There are wonderful stories of people who, thanks to MLM and their own determination, changed their lives for the better. I have the satisfaction of helping them make this change.

Thank you for the conversation.

Danuta Książek was interviewed by Tomek Nawrot - a freelance editor of publications for the MLM and direct selling industry.

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