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Hemp care for your beauty


Hemp has been long used to produce natural cosmetics. The first mentions of hemp-based skincare can be traced to ancient times. What are the beneficial properties of hemp and how can we use them when selecting all-natural, hemp cosmetics?

Growing popularity of hemp cosmetics

Hemp has been taking the beauty industry by storm. This should not be surprising to anyone, as the possibilities of this amazing plant in terms of comprehensive body care and treatment of various diseases are immense. In this context, we should take a look at individual raw materials in cosmetics, which could be obtained from hemp, and indicate their specific effects:

  • Hemp seed oil

Cold-pressed, unrefined hemp seed oil has an excellent moisturizing and regenerative effect. It replenishes the fatty acids our skin loses in contact with external factors, and visibly strengthens our skin cells. With its soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it alleviates irritation and inflammation of the skin. Hemp is additionally characterized by high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids and vitamins E, A, B and K.

  • Hemp extract

Cannabis sativa L. extract contains a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids (including CBD), flavonoids and terpenoids. It has a marked anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and normalizes the production of sebum. It regenerates the skin, accelerating the healing of wounds and microdamages.

Hemp cosmetics available on the market - what should you pay attention to?

The main issue with the hemp cosmetics available in the most popular drugstores is their composition and the contents of individual ingredients obtained from hemp. It is often the case that only trace amounts of hemp seed oil are found in products which so clearly display hemp on their labels. Similar marketing stunts apply to CBD and other cannabinoids. You should therefore always pay attention to the amount of ingredients in a given cosmetic product, as well as their quality and origins. Sometimes it is not important if the product contains fully natural hemp seed oil or hemp extract, when the remaining ingredients represent the full chemical spectrum, and their natural origin is doubtful. Let’s choose full-value, natural cosmetics with simple compositions and high contents of hemp raw materials, such as hemp seed oil. Natural beauty comes from nature.

Possibilities connected with the use of hemp cosmetics

With a wide range of possibilities connected with the use of hemp seed oil and hemp extract in complex body care, the hemp cosmetic category includes such products as:

Be conscious in your choices!

The growing popularity of hemp in the beauty sector has its advantages and disadvantages. The market is filling with cosmetic products of questionable quality, which many clients choose when curious or in following current market trends. Fortunately, the number of conscious consumers who know how to choose highest quality natural hemp cosmetics is growing. What about you? Which group do you belong to? ;)

Maciek Przybylski

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