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/ News / Hemp to the rescue of animals!

Hemp to the rescue of animals!


Animals, just like humans, experience fear, stress and hunger, and suffer from many health problems, both mental and body-related. They also have the endocannabinoid system that reduces damages caused to their bodies. Since there are numerous harmful external factors that nowadays have impact on health and well-being of animals, the system requires a regular supply of cannabinoids. So how can hemp help your pet?

Properties of hemp

Hemp is a fully legal and completely safe plant with a high content of natural cannabinoids. When administered to pets on a regular basis, these compounds help boost overall immune system and effectively support treatment of many diseases. Because of their pronounced calming and tranquillising effects, they are also successfully used in stressful situations for pets, such as New Years Eve (fireworks, noise) or longer periods away from home (holidays without a pet).

Cannabinoids in animals:

  • Will calm them down
  • Boost immunity
  • Alleviate pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stimulates appetite

Hemp products for animals

Hemp oil INNUBIO Pets is an all-natural product that was created in cooperation with British, Polish and German vets. With a high content of salmon oil, being a basis for proper hemp extract, and 400 mg of natural cannabinoids, INNUBIO Pets oil has a favourable effect on health and will comprehensively support body of your pet. 

INNUBIO Pets hemp cookies with delicious beef is an complementary feed for pets that was created under supervision of General Veterinary Inspectorate, in cooperation with British, Polish and German vets. With the content of natural cannabinoids as well as essential vitamins A and D3, INNUBIO Pets cookies comprehensively support your pets body, taking care of its condition, mental health and immunity.

Support Psierociniec Foundation #hempydog

When you buy a pack of INNUBIO hemp cookies or CBD oil for animals, you support the PSIEROCINIEC Foundation. We will donate 5 hemp cookies with CBD per each pack of cookies or oil for animals you buy. It is worth helping!

Maciej Przybylski

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