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How to boost your immunity naturally?

Temperature variations this year have a significant impact on an increased incidence of diseases. Numerous infections caused mainly by viruses and bacteria are a serious problem for both children and adults. How to boost your immunity naturally and take comprehensive care of your health?

Proper immune system functioning depends on many important factors such as your diet, sleep and even stress.

Take up a proper diet

Food has an immense impact on your body. First and foremost, you should consider products containing nutrients that can significantly boost your immunity.

  • Fibre – supports the intestinal function. Around 80% of tissue that produces lymphocytes responsible for immune response and antibody production is found in the intestine. Raw fibrous hemp seeds, i.e. whole seeds, are not only a light and crispy snack but also contain plenty of fibre.

BIO Whole fibrous hemp seeds 200 g

  • Vitamin A and Zinc – are responsible for the proper functioning of immune barriers and prevent harmful pathogens from getting into the body. You will find both vitamin A and Zinc in fibrous hemp seeds and in cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

Superfood pack – fibrous hemp oil and seeds

  • Essential unsaturated fatty acids – healthy fat has an anti-inflammatory effect and is responsible for the proper structure of immune cells. The hemp seed oil contains perfect proportions of essential unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, -6 and -9.

BIO Fibrous hemp seed oil 250 ml

Take good care of your sleep

Every organism needs regeneration that has an immense impact on the immune system. Weakness, loss of activity, headache, muscle and joint pain are often a consequence of sleepless nights. Mixes of hand-picked and processed herbs, including fibrous hemp, are a perfect product for everyone experiencing sleep disturbances.

Hemp tea for a good night 50 g

Hemp tea for immunity 40 g

Hemp flower tea 30 bags

Put your mind to rest

Excess stress and anxiety are anything but your allies. They are one of the main reasons for impaired immunity. Chronic stress inhibits immune responses regardless of the actual needs of your body. Hemp oils with a complete range of natural cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids will not only relieve your stress but also help improve your health.

Original Hemp Oil 500 mg CBD, 10 ml

Better safe than sorry

Hemp is a wonderful plant, ideal for prophylactic products. When introducing hemp in your everyday diet, you should consider both oils that contain a full range of natural cannabinoids and healthy food rich in valuable nutrients.

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