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How to dose hemp oils?



Prophylaxis is the prevention of diseases and making up the deficiencies in our body.

In order to supply our endocannabinoid system with cannabinoids, we use hemp oils.

The dosage of hemp oils in these kind of cases may be limited to applying them twice a day.

We should try to apply the first dose of oil during or immediately after breakfast, and the second one after dinner or just before bedtime.


Support for the therapy of various diseases


Standard dosage

In the case of supporting the therapy of a particular disease, hemp oil should be dosed every six hours.

Why every 6 hours? The cannabinoids offer high activity for up to 6 hours and after that time their activity falls down significantly.

This means that the oil should be applied 4 times a day.

It is easy to see that this is not a convenient practice, because the fourth dose should be taken at night.

Is there any alternative?


Dawkowanie alternatywne

There is an alternative option of dosing hemp oil 3 times a day, increasing the last dose immediately before bedtime.

We take the third dose in late evening hours, doubling the number of drops from our standard, single dose.


The hours shown on the infographic are merely indicative and can be freely adapted to the individual day mode.

However, remember to try to take hemp oil during or after a meal, which will definitely translate into greater bioavailability (assimilation) of cannabinoids.

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