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INNUBIO EVENT - information

Dear Partners,
we are pleased to announce that after summarizing the results of the month of August 2019,. thirteen Partners have already secured themselves for participation in Event 19, 20 October this year.
INNUBIO, 2019-09-24

Congratulating the achieved results, we hope that the time spent together among the best will be an inspiration for further growth and more dynamic expansion of your Team of Leaders.

The month of September is the second month, where each Partner, even just starting work, can put in a little more effort and join the group of distinguished Leaders.

We will be together with:

  1. Anna Łosik
  2. Elżbieta Pach
  3. Marcin Pach
  4. Iwona Rzetkowska
  5. Irena Szutkowska
  6. Iwona Lasek
  7. Maria Potrykus
  8. Danuta Książek
  9. Katarzyna Łosik
  10. Jan Mamos
  11. Rafał Błażejewski
  12. Barbara Matwiej
  13. Ryszard Książek

See you in Kalisz!
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