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/ News / "It worked in 5 days! Then I realized that I would be able to help many people"- interview with Rafał Resiński

"It worked in 5 days! Then I realized that I would be able to help many people"- interview with Rafał Resiński


Rafał Resiński left for Germany in 1989. There he met his wife - a Czech woman. In 1997, they lived together in the Czech Republic. Two years later, he started working with one of the MLM companies. He immediately fell in love with this system of work. The beginnings, as usual, were difficult. He did not start to be successful immediately. After time, however, they appeared as a result of systematic work, study and persistence. Currently, he is a top leader in Innubio. 

How is your life in the Czech Republic?

I like it here. Besides, I am close to Poland, about 15 minutes from the very border. I also receive Polish TV here. Life is a bit different here. The Czechs do not have such pressure to work. They are more relaxed about life. On weekends, they rest, relax, go somewhere.

Are there any differences between Czechs and Poles in the approach to business and work in MLM?

There are not any. We are very similar culturally. Among my partners are Poles and Czechs. I invite both of them to cooperate with me.

What were your beginnings like in MLM?

It took a while to become successful. A lot of learning, experience, drawing conclusions. I did not even have a car at the beginning. I traveled by train to meetings. Then I was dating friends from primary school. I have not seen them at that time in 10 or 15 years. It turned out that they were not the right people for me in terms of starting cooperation in MLM.

Some say that at the beginning you have to make a list of 100 friends and offer them a business. Others advise you to meet new people and only introduce them to it. What is your opinion on this?

It depends on how you are perceived by the person with whom you want to cooperate. If in their eyes I have achieved a business or financial success, then I am perceived much better than by someone who knows that I have not run any business so far. It happened that I was telling my friends about big money, and I was coming to them by train. However, they gave me references and recommended me to their friends.

How did your cooperation with Innubio begin?

A good friend told me about hemp products. At first I was not interested, because I associated cannabis with drugs. Back then, little was said or written about CBD oil. He was unknown to me. I had a health problem at the time. My hip hurt all the time and I was looking for a solution. One time, I watched an interview with a professor talking about CBD oil, including its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Then I said to myself, "I will give myself a chance, I will buy it and check it.". It helped me in 5 days! When I felt that it worked for me, and in a short time, I started searching for information about hemp from various sources. I absorbed the knowledge about them for 3 full days! Anyway, I am learning about them all the time. I realized that this is a great product, that by promoting it in the MLM system, I will be able to help many people.

Was that the moment when you made the decision to work with Innubio?

Yes, I knew right away that I wanted to earn with this company. I got to know the remuneration plan, people from the management board. Today I know that Innubio is a stable, developing company, and hemp products have great potential for the future. I have a sense of financial security here.

So you have combined a healthy lifestyle with business?

I would be inconsistent if I encouraged this business while not using the products. I use them because they help me. So far, my hip does not hurt, so the effects of CBD oil are lasting. I was overweight and felt an inner need to change a lot of things. When I started working with Innubio, I changed my eating habits. The Innubio products themselves also helped me. I lost 7 kg in 3 months.

What do you like most about working with people?

I like to work with people with a certain background who are on a similar mental level to me. Those who have a need to change something in their life, some pain, health or financial problem. I have a solution for such people and I am happy to help them. However, not everyone will say clearly what they care about, how much time they want to spend on achieving their goal. Even if they do say, sometimes they do little to achieve it.

Is contracting a way to do this?

The contract is the key. The person with whom I start cooperation and conclude a contract with, approaches their declarations more responsibly. I, in turn, know where I stand and how much time I have to devote to her.

Until what point are you helping them?

When they get to such a level that they feel confident, earn good money, are satisfied and do not look for any other source of income.

What is your goal of working with Innubio?

Reach the highest rank in the career plan.

Thank you for the conversation.

Rafał Resiński was interviewed by Tomek Nawrot - an independent editor of publications for the MLM industry and direct sales.

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