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/ News / Luxury for everyone? Le Chanvre No1

Luxury for everyone? Le Chanvre No1


The concept of luxury changes as the world moves forward. For everyone, the concept of luxury may be also different and unique. One thing will always remain unchanged – the health is necessary to experience the real luxury which firstly will improve our life’s quality and secondly will give us happiness and the feeling of satisfaction.

Perfume on the luxury market

The market for luxury (luxury goods) develops extremely dynamically. One of the industries it includes is the industry of luxury cosmetics and perfume. What are the luxury perfumes associated with at first glance? Certainly, we may distinguish a few key aspects, such for instance a recognized brand, a posh bottle or intensive and mysterious scent. It is not hard to see that a key aspect referred to at the beginning of the article, is missing here – the health! Is it possible, then, to extend the luxury features distinguishing a particular product by health-promoting features?

Luxury + health = Le Chanvre No1

Le Chanvre No1 is an eau de perfume for her and for him, enriched by natural terpenes and cannabidiol. Thanks to the content of natural terpenes and cannabidiol (CBD), the perfume Le Chanvre No1 shows clear health-promoting action. A refined engraver on the elegant, glass bottle and minimalist external packaging add the finishing touch.

How does Le Chanvre No1 look like in the context of the recognized and leading brands of the industry of luxury perfume and what is the unique composition distinguished by?

Intensity and efficiency

The concentration of fragrant substances in the composition Le Chanvre No1 amounts to 19%. The intensity and efficiency of the composition are due to the fragrant substances. Among well-known brands of the luxury perfume industry, the concentration of fragrant substances of the eau de parfum oscillates around 10 to 18%.

Unique composition

Based on the properly selected organic compounds, including natural terpenes, a unique composition of an exceptional, one of a kind and energetic scent.

Natural terpenes

At the creation of the fragrant composition Le Chanvre No1, there have been applied fully natural compounds called terpenes. Limonen known mainly by hemp provides with a characteristic citrus aroma and Eugenol gives a pleasant scent of cloves and cinnamon. Terpenes ensure not only the scent and nature of perfume but also the health-promoting action, thanks to their antiseptic and antibacterial properties and the occurring phenomenon of aromatherapy.

Beneficial cannabidiol

Thanks to the content of natural cannabidiol, eau de parfum Le Chanvre No1 may be applied by the people with delicate and irritable skin. Alcohol (80 vol.) considerably increases the absorbability of cannabidiol through the skin. Terpenes and cannabidiol acting in synergy, increase also the efficiency of the desired, health-promoting action of the composition.

The highest quality at an affordable price

Le Chanvre No1 is an extremely efficient and intensive composition of an exceptional scent, offering us additional health-promoting advantages. It is a unique and luxury product of the highest quality at a competitive and affordable price.

Luxury means health

Health has an enormous influence on all aspects of our life. Thanks to it we are dynamic, effective, we make good decisions, we develop ourselves and we are fully realized both in private and professional life. The composition Le Chanvre No1 is a scent of successful people, the professionals taking care of each detail, who since the very beginning of the establishment of business relationships, clearly indicate their position and clear intentions. The possibility of reaching for a luxury product, at an affordable price which additionally will take care of health aspects of our life, is undoubtedly a huge privilege deserved by all of us ;)

BUY NOW Le Chanvre No1 and be an inspiration!

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