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Natural = beautiful?


Natural beauty is something you cannot buy. A healthy look of the skin, hair and nails, a shapely body and a calm mind are the aspects that must be taken care of regularly and constantly in order to enjoy the natural beauty. Sounds like a challenge? But it doesnt have to be, as long as we develop healthy habits.

A holistic approach to beauty includes not only proper skin care, but also drinking plenty of water, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, playing sports, contact with nature and peace of mind. The skin is our largest organ and must function properly in order to look admirable and beautiful. Remember about it while washing and wash your skin regularly, but with mild agents that will not disturb the pH of your skin and will not affect its natural hydrolipid mantle.

Keep makeup to a minimum 

When moisturising it, pay attention to the composition of the creams: are you clogging the pores on the skin with silicones or paraffin oil? In addition to the necessary hydration, do you not provide artificial ingredients through the skin? The ones you put on your skin every day can accumulate in your body and become a dangerous toxin. 

When applying makeup, limit yourself to emphasising your beauty, and not completely changing your appearance. Remove makeup as soon as possible and never fall asleep with it on your face. Your skin feels best without it. Look for healthy alternatives to your foundation. It contains a lot of silicones that are very difficult to remove by natural means. Try mineral makeup.

Drink water 

Remember that the water in your skin cells comes from the water you consume, not from moisturising creams. In order to ensure proper hydration of the skin, you should not forget to drink water regularly – even the best moisturising cream cannot replace it! The ingredients of the creams bind water in the cell and protect the skin from excessive evaporation. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of clean water each day.

Change your eating habits 

A healthy, balanced diet significantly affects the appearance of our skin, hair and nails. Pay attention to the type of fats consumed – limit those of animal origin or highly processed, and choose vegetable fats found in hemp seeds, avocados, olives and nuts, as well as in cold-pressed oils such as hemp seed oil or pumpkin seed oil. When my skin becomes stubbornly dry and creams and drinking plenty of water do not help, it signals that I am lacking healthy fats in my diet. Then I add shelled hemp seeds and avocado to my meals, and I pour hemp oil on the vegetables – it works! We should also remember that any toxins that enter our body (also with food) try to get out of it... One of such exit routes in our body are sebaceous glands in the skin. Many people struggling with problematic skin notice a marked improvement in the appearance of their skin after changing their eating habits.

Take a nap 

Sleep hygiene is a huge problem for many people today. I know it is hard to take care of it these days, and if you can not afford to take a nap regularly, try to go to bed earlier than usual, and before going to bed, relax with a cup of hemp tea and calm down. There is no better solution to dark circles under the eyes than a healthy and restful sleep.

Dont forget to move 

A firm body and radiant complexion are the result of exercise and adequate oxygenation of the body in the fresh air. It is worth taking advantage of a full body massage with the use of natural plant and essential oils from time to time. Occasionally, a bit of pink on the tops of the cheekbones will not hurt you – we women, we do it very often and we like it, but remember that on the way to maintaining natural beauty, similar treatments should only be an addition, not the basis for taking care of your beauty. 

I encourage you to think about it yourself. How do your daily habits affect your appearance and well-being?

Prepared by: Anna Miklaszewska, Eng. Biotechnology (author of INNUBIO natural cosmetics recipes)

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