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/ News / New formula! BeFit Citrus Mix MCT+CBD

New formula! BeFit Citrus Mix MCT+CBD


INNUBIO BeFit Citrus Mix is an innovative, vegan, weight-loss formula that contains a combination of an MCT oil, isolated cannabidiol (CBD) and essential oils squeezed from the peel of fresh grapefruits and green lemons in carefully selected proportions.

The secret of extraordinary effectiveness

Each of the ingredients used in BeFit oil has a pronounced favourable effect on the entire digestive system. Due to the high content of medium-chain triglycerides the MCT oil reduces fat storage, makes you burn calories faster and fuller after a meal, thereby helping you lose weight. Cannabidiol, in turn, is excellent at regulating appetite and metabolism, while natural essential oils boost secretion of gastric juices and stimulate the digestive system. The secret lies in nature!

All-natural composition

BeFit is a product based only on four all-natural ingredients: an MCT oil, natural cannabidiol isolate and essential oils - grapefruit essential oil and green lemon essential oil.

An MCT oil is produced by extracting medium-chain fatty acids. 

The natural cannabidiol isolate is obtained in the process of extracting whole hemp plants and then isolating the CBD. 

Natural essential oils from grapefruit and green lemon are obtained by cold pressing the peels of fresh fruit.

Easy to use

Provided with spray packaging, BeFit is extremely easy and quick to apply. A glass bottle fits easily into a small handbag, so you can always have INNUBIO BeFit with you and take it immediately before each meal. The medium-chain fatty acids found in the MCT oil are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, transporting the easily absorbed cannabidiol (CBD).

If you want to lose anything with INNUBIO... lose only your weight!

Summer is almost here! Start getting in shape now and choose the limited set BeFit Citrus Mix 2+1 FREE in a new version. 

The offer is valid until 18.06.2021.


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