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New! Nail&Cuticle Elixir


INNUBIO Nail & Cuticle Elixir is a nourishing, vegan, vitamin composition of fully natural, cosmetic vegetable oils, intended for comprehensive care and regeneration of nails and cuticles. Out of concern for your beauty, we have created an innovative product that responds to the growing market demand for effective and, most importantly, fully natural cosmetics, 100% of plant origin, with clear care properties. 

Nail & Cuticle Elixir is an innovative combination of oils from: plum seeds, hemp seeds, cranberry seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds. This exceptional formula has been additionally enriched with a strengthening and moisturising formula containing a complex of vitamins E and C.

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Regular use of oil for nails and cuticles –  INNUBIO Nail & Cuticle Elixir, nourishes, moisturises, tones and regenerates weakened or damaged nails, giving them a natural glow and strengthening the nail plate, epidermis and matrix. 

Nail & Cuticle Elixir perfectly protects against the harmful effects of free radicals, and visibly soothes inflammation and reduces nodular redness of the epidermis. 

The bottle made of certified, dark glass, equipped with a practical applicator in the form of a soft brush, guarantees adequate protection of the content against light, and thus against the loss of valuable nutrients. 

Choose natural care and take care of the healthy appearance of your nails and cuticles. 

The product is intended for all skin types (also for people with atopic and allergic skin). 

The product is 100% natural, vegan.

Artisanal product - fragrance, colour and texture may vary slightly from batch to batch.

INNUBIO Nail & Cuticle Elixir:

  • Moisturises, nourishes and regenerates nails and cuticles
  • Makes the nail plate more flexible
  • Softens dry and overgrown cuticles
  • Strengthens and stimulates healthy nail growth and shape
  • Prevents nails from breaking
  • Gives a natural glow
  • It soothes inflammation and redness of the epidermis
  • Protects against the harmful effects of free radicals

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