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Under the magnifying glass # 1 – BeFit

Fully natural composition
BeFit is a product based solely on three fully natural ingredients:
  • MCT oil, i.e. fractionated coconut oil
  • CBD, which is the isolate of natural cannabidiol
  • natural essential oil

MCT oil is produced in the process of extracting medium chain fatty acids from coconut oil. We get natural cannabidiol isolate in the process of obtaining extracts from hemp plants and then isolating cannabidiol (CBD). Natural lemon and orange essential oils are obtained by cold pressing fresh fruit peels, while natural peppermint essential oil is obtained by distilling mint herb with steam.

The secret of extraordinary effectiveness
What makes BeFit such an effective product?

Each of the above ingredients has a pronounced effect on the entire digestive system. MCT oil, due to the high content of medium-chain fatty acids, increases calorie burning, reduces fat storage, increases satiety after a meal, and thus helps us lose weight. On the other hand, cannabidiol perfectly regulates appetite and metabolism, and natural essential oils increase the secretion of gastric juices and stimulate the digestive system.

INNUBIO BeFit is therefore an innovative formula, based on a combination that includes the right proportions of completely natural, simple ingredients, with a clear and proven effect.

The secret lies in nature!

Easy of use
Thanks to the packaging with the spray type applicator, BeFit is extremely easy and quick to apply.

The glass bottle easily fits even in a small handbag, which is why you can always have INNUBIO BeFit with you and use one application immediately before each meal.

Medium-chain fatty acids found in MCT oil are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, transporting highly absorbable cannabidiol (CBD).

How to lose only unwanted kilograms!

INNUBIO BeFit is a complete and fully natural product with a clear and proven effect - it reduces fat storage in the body, increases the feeling of satiety after a meal, and also regulates and accelerates metabolism, which in turn translates into faster building of muscle tissue and the loss of unwanted kilograms.

With INNUBIO, you can only lose… unwanted kilograms!

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