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Under the magnifying glass #2 - Cardio

Cardio - take care of your heart

Cardio is a product that has fitted perfectly into a clear gap in the market of healthy food and diet supplements. This is a bestseller that is one of the best-selling products and gets solely excellent reviews at the same time. Why is this fully natural product so efficient and chosen so willingly?

Only two ingredients!

Is it many or few? More and more informed consumers look for proven solutions of a simple and fully natural composition. Two ingredients! In the diet supplement Cardio, you will find only and as much as two ingredients with proven effect. Cardio is a combination of top-quality cold-pressed oil of hemp seeds and natural plant sterols of a pine tree.


  • oil of hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L.)
  • plant sterols of a pine tree

Proven effect

Thanks to plant sterols, Cardio contributes to lowering a blood cholesterol level, as well as cholesterol absorption from the digestive tract even by 45 %. Thus, the use of the diet supplement Cardio reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Beneficial effects of plant sterols are confirmed by many studies and the official health statement presented in the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (O.J. EFSA 2010;8(10):1813 2011;9(6):2203).

Plant sterols help maintain the correct blood cholesterol level. Beneficial effects exist in the case of the consumption of at least 0.8 g of plant sterols per day.

Hempseed oil used in the diet supplement Cardio as a sterol carrier, thanks to the natural cold pressing method, maintains all biological properties of hemp seeds and supplements an everyday diet perfectly with essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) at ideal proportions.

Efficient supplementation

To achieve the intended effect of supplementation, the suggested dose is 1 teaspoon (10 ml) of the diet supplement Cardio twice a day before meal. 1 bottle (250ml) of the diet supplement Cardio contains 12 suggested daily doses of the product. 

The consumer can buy a single bottle or a pack of Cardio 2+1 FREE by paying for two bottles and receiving one bottle free of charge. The pack allows for the effective and efficient supplementation for at least 30 days of continuous use.

Take care of your heart

INNUBIO Cardio is a fully natural diet supplement, produced in Poland, that contains plant sterols of a pine tree. Its pleasant taste, accessible form of application, simple and natural composition, as well as proven effects are undoubtedly the advantages of the product, which has been already used by thousands of Customers. And you?

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