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Each of the 5 flavors of InnoVape liquids has a different story. The VAPE PACK 3+2 will allow you to try all 5 FLAVORS FOR THE PRICE OF 3! Classic hemp flavor? Sweet strawberry? Juicy lime or refreshing mint? Or maybe a delicious coffee cake? ... You decide about the taste you would like to try today.
INNUBIO, 2019-09-26

Vaporization is the most effective way to take CBD. It provides high bioavailability and speed of action. During vaporization, an active substance is released from InnoVape liquids - natural cannabidiol.

CBD, i.e. cannabidiol, has a number of health-promoting properties:It releases nervous tensionIncreases concentrationStimulates and activatesHas analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

Thanks to the content of natural cannabidiol in InnoVape liquids, people who would like to quit smoking can stop taking nicotine completely.

InnoVape liquids comply with all types of electronic cigarettes.

VAPE PACK 3+2 | 20mg contains:

  • InnoVape Pure Hemp 20mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Mary Strawberry 20mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Juicy Lime 20mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Funky Mint 20mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Coffee Cake 20mg CBD x 1

VAPE PACK 3+2 | 100mg contains:

  • InnoVape Pure Hemp 100mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Mary Strawberry 100mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Juicy Lime 100mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Funky Mint 100mg CBD x 1
  • InnoVape Coffee Cake 100mg CBD x 1

And you? What is your favorite flavor for today? Choose the VAPE PACK 3 + 2 and discover the secrets of all flavors of InnoVape liquids.

The offer is valid until the 31th of October 2019 or till the end of supplies - ended!

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