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/ News / "We have found out that the company shares its money fairly" – an interview with Agnieszka and Tomasz Polaszczyk

"We have found out that the company shares its money fairly" – an interview with Agnieszka and Tomasz Polaszczyk


He is an international class certified healer, personal development and public relations trainer. She runs a hairdressing salon, which she plans to close after reaching a high-level career in network marketing, and helps her husband run a natural medicine practice. Together with him, she is developing a business based on cooperation with Innubio.

They include hemp products in the therapy of their clients. When I called Agnieszka and Tomasz to interview them, they said that immediately after our conversation they were going to Jarocin for a meeting.

Nowadays, almost all MLM Partners conduct the vast majority of meetings using the Internet. How often do you meet live with people to propose a collaboration with you and with Innubio?

Agnieszka: We conduct traditional meetings often, because in our opinion they are the best. It is nice to chat and spend time meeting live. Not everyone is able to open up during online conversations. Live chats are more effective. In addition, we can present the products and offer, for example, great Innubio coffee. On the occasion of such a meeting, we build closer relations. This allows us to better understand the needs and expectations of future Partners, identify with them and their history.

These are certainly advantages, but live meetings require more time due to the commute.

Agnieszka: We go to places up to 100 km away. Sometimes as needed and further. Distance, in any case, is not a problem for us. Most of the partners from our team live close to us. We also conduct meetings with them online several times a month on the zoom platform. As an interesting fact, we live near Kalisz, and the person who introduced us to Innubio lives in England. Our structure includes Partners from various countries. There are no limits to the development of this business.

What came first – a natural medicine office or the MLM business?

Tomasz: I have been running the office for over 20 years. I learned a lot in the East. However, when the pandemic struck, the number of patients shrank significantly. I was not able to use the shields, my savings were running out. My wife and I decided to look for a business that would bring us income. We have reviewed the marketing plans of many network marketing companies. We found Innubios career plan to be the most reliable in terms of earning passive income. It is also very simple. After starting the cooperation, based on the first earnings, I found out that the company shares the money fairly.

In addition to helping your husband, do you do anything else professionally?

Agnieszka: I run a hairdressing salon. But I am tired of this because it takes up all of my time. I work from morning to evening, including holidays, and I eat my meals on the go. Zero family life, and earnings are inadequate to the energy devoted. My goal for the near future is to close this business.

How is your joint work going? Are you not fed up with being together all day?

Tomasz: The time we spend together is priceless. We cannot get enough of ourselves. At the same time, joint work brings much greater results, to which we also heartily encourage our Partners. We complement each other at work. The wife deals with the products, I deal with the business side. By acting together, we are stronger.

What do you like about Innubio?

Tomasz: We were most delighted with the career plan. As I mentioned, it is very simple, you can understand it quickly. In addition, in the starter sets, everyone can choose products according to their own needs.

Agnieszka: The options for starting cooperation with a company as a Business Partner are for every budget. You can earn money from the very beginning thanks to the bonuses. It has a great atmosphere and great leaders. What is very impressive, the company does everything itself, from the hemp cultivation to the final product. It also produces packaging for its products.

Tomasz: Innubio was nominated in the World CBD Awards contest. It is the worlds most prestigious contest on the CBD products industry. The company has the Golden Cannabis quality certificate. The offer includes CannaCedar, which is the first product in the world to combine resin-cleared Far Eastern cedar with hemp pollen. Last year, Innubio hemp oil packaging was recognized as one of the best packaging in Poland in the Art of Packaging contest.

The company has great advantages. How else do you convince people to cooperate with you?

Tomasz: The fact that the products have a known origin, a remuneration system. For the more inquisitive, I show what income I get for my work.

Which of the books you read were the best for you, which gave you the most?

Agnieszka: „Bogaty, albo biedny – po prostu różni mentalnie” by T. Harvey Eker. I suggest it to everyone. It changes mentality. Reading it, you can put your mind together.

Tomasz: For me, the best books are from the Tibetan lama – a close associate of the Dalai Lama.

How has your life changed since you started working with Innubio?

Agnieszka: We have more time. My husband picked up the car, and I will pick up mine soon. We will build a house. I am going to open an agritourism farm. We already have a plot.

This additional activity will not take away your free time, which, as you said, is valuable to you?

Agnieszka: I will be doing it for fun. I like to organize various events. We will also meet people from our team there.

Thank you for the conversation.

Agnieszka and Tomasz Polaszczyk were interviewed by Tomek Nawrot – an independent editor of publications for the MLM industry and direct sales.

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