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Which CBD oil should you choose? Read before you buy hemp oil


The growing popularity of CBD oils carries the risks associated with products of dubious quality, which appear on the market more and more frequently. So what should you pay special attention to when choosing hemp oil for yourself and your loved ones? How to avoid a missed purchase? We encourage you to read this short guide.

Hemp oil straight from the “manufacturer”

The term “manufacturer” has significantly lost in value in recent times. Did you know that in the hemp industry nowadays, a manufacturer can be any single entity that pours an oil purchased from another company into smaller bottles? Is such a company fully aware of what it offers to its customers?

Check whether the company behind the production of the oil is only an intermediary or a full-value manufacturer, having its own crops and controlling every single stage of production – from sowing, through cultivation, harvesting, processing, including extraction, to the final product itself. Choose responsibly and prioritise safety.

Certified CBD oil

Currently, in the hemp industry there is one independent body certifying hemp products – Golden Cannabis. Products verified on the market, including certified CBD oils, have been checked and tested in the laboratory for the amount of cannabinoids declared on the packaging and the amount actually contained in the product.

So what are these certificates, which are so often used by companies as an argument to make a purchase? Most often they are erroneously called laboratory analyses for the CBD and THC content in the product. It is worth checking if the submitted analysis is not an internal quality document issued by the same company that sells the product. The reliability of a laboratory analysis can be questioned where it has not been performed by an independent laboratory.

Which oil extraction should you choose from?

Alcohol extraction, in contrast to the mass and popular CO2 extraction (supercritical carbon dioxide extraction), allows the extraction of both polar (water-soluble) and non-polar (water-insoluble) compounds from hemp plants.

When choosing an oil made in the process of alcohol extraction, you should opt for a CBD extract with a full spectrum of natural active compounds such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids, as well as valuable vitamins, and micro- and macro-nutrients.

Full spectrum and CBD isolate

If you expect the desired health-promoting properties characteristic of CBD oils, such as increasing immunity, improving the quality of sleep, reducing stress levels, reducing pain, or supporting the treatment of various diseases, you should definitely go for an oil with full spectrum or broad spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids.

If cannabidiol (CBD) is the only ingredient in the product, you are probably dealing with a product containing cannabidiol isolate. CBD isolate is characterised by a much narrower scope of action - among others, it stimulates and regulates appetite and metabolism.

Raw or decarboxylated extract?

Decarboxylation is the process of converting the acid forms of cannabinoids into their “active” forms. Did you know that the acid form of THC, or THCA, is not psychoactive or intoxicating? What does it mean? The decarboxylation process activates cannabinoids and significantly extends their properties. The same is true of cannabidiol (CBD) and its acid form (CBDA). Non-carboxylated, raw oil, often marked as RAW, will be characterised by a very narrow, targeted anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and regenerating effect.

If you expect your hemp oil to have broad health-promoting properties characteristic of CBD, choose decarboxylated hemp oil with a predominant content of cannabidiol (CBD). If, on the other hand, you want to alleviate inflammation and regenerate the body, choose nondecarboxylated oil with a high content of cannabigerolic acid, that is CBDA.

CBD oils from INNUBIO

INNUBIO is a Polish company with Polish capital, whose products can be purchased in 27 countries. It is a direct producer of decarboxylated CBD oils obtained by the alcohol extraction method. Advanced technological production processes, a multitude of good practices aimed at ensuring complete safety, and the use of only selected raw material from its own crops – all these guarantee the highest quality of its oils.

The key part of highest quality hemp extract is the appropriate raw material, subjected to extraction. With its own crops, INNUBIO has control over the raw material from sowing to harvesting. Hemp is grown with the utmost care and without use of any artificial plant protection products, on pollution-free, fertile class I soil. Only fully valuable whole plants of Cannabis sativa L. with high content of natural phytocannabinoids are extracted. Certified varieties, such as Futura 75 (CBD/CBDA), grown from certified seeds, are used to extract oils.

INNUBIO analyses each batch of hemp oils at certified, independent laboratories. The following parameters are measured: content of cannabinoids (including THC), residual solvents, and heavy metals. Moreover, microbiological and sensory analysis are performed.

INNUBIO CBD oils have obtained the Golden Cannabis certification – they are certified by an independent body certifying hemp products around the world.

INNUBIO extracts are obtained by the safe alcohol extraction with increased higher quality standards – INNUBIO Safety & Stability. Striving to ensure complete food safety, the company follows HACCP, analysing hazards and indicating critical points of the production processes that have a significant impact on the quality of the final product. Good Hygienic Practices (GHPs) are, in turn, actions and principles that apply to all our employees involved in the production process, which are related to hygienic procedures before, during and after food production. In order for the production to take place in a manner ensuring its proper health quality, it is conducted in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

The modern, proprietary NSR Extraction technology (extraction without residual solvents) gives INNUBIO and its customers a 100% guarantee for obtaining the purest hemp extract with high stability, bioavailability, and the full spectrum of natural active compounds: cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids, valuable vitamins, and micro- and macronutrients. For the extraction only certified, 96% pure ethanol for analysis is used.

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