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It is time to make New Year’s resolutions, i.e. how to lose weight in the New Year
"New Year, new me ... Starting from 1 January I will do something about myself ...". The beginning of New Year brings about a lot of similar declarations, which are made both by members of our family and our closest friends. We also make similar statements and resolutions. Thus, what are our most frequent promises? Decidedly, the first one refers to the loss of useless kilogrammes and a visible figure improvement still before holidays.
The great return of special offer packages!
Due to the huge interest and the many queries we received, we decided to re-launch the SMART 3+1 and FAMILY 2+1 special offer packages on January 6, 2020 (Monday).
We have fortified the Remuneration System with another attractive bonus for starting Partners. We called it a "FAST PROMOTION".
Phytosterols are the plant compounds of the structure very similar to the human cholesterol. Taken regularly, in the every-day diet, they help to reduce the level of cholesterol efficiently, thus decreasing the risk of a heart attack, atherosclerosis or protecting from neoplasms. Due to its clear hypocholesterolemic action, the plant sterols are an obligatory nutrient, protecting your heart.
Working hours of the Customer Service Office during the 2019 holiday season.
Information regarding the working hours of the Customer Service Office and the shipping of orders during the holiday season.
Chances increased! INNUBIO Business Trip
Given the above, the Directors decided to introduce a certain convenience that, in particular, can help new Business Partners of INNUBIO to acquire the necessary rank and become eligible for the trip. The necessary repetition of the rank is given up, i.e. everyone that becomes the Team Manager or a higher rank manager during the qualification period will be invited to INNUBIO Business Trip without a need to repeat the rank.
SUPERFOOD PACK Limited Edition


Shelled and unshelled hemp seeds as well as cold pressed hemp seed oil are classified as Superfood products, i.e. unprocessed food of natural origin with a high level of nutrients of exceptional properties, in particular those good for our physical and mental health.

Under the magnifying glass # 1 – BeFit
BeFit is a product that INNUBIO Partners and Clients buy very often and come back for more every time. What is the secret behind BeFit's success and what makes this all-natural product so effective?
Opening of the new INNUBIO headquarters
How has the opening of the new INNUBIO headquarters been remembered by the lens of our camera?
Check out the following short video clip.

A weekend in the mountains? INNUBIO Business Trip!
TIGHT-KNIT TEAMS CREATE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES - with this slogan, the INNUBIO Management Board is pleased to announce the first, three-day INNUBIO Business Trip trip to Karpacz. What conditions must be met to qualify for INNUBIO Business Trip and what attractions are provided for participants?
3 bottles of INNUBIO Original 150 ml, 1000 mg CBD for the price of 2? Choose FAMILY PACK and take advantage of a special offer that has never been seen before! Take care of your and your family's health by choosing a complete product containing the full spectrum of essential and natural cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids.
Opening of the new INNUBIO headquarters - photo report
On October 19, 2019, the new INNUBIO headquarters was opened.
Tetrahydrocannabinol – is there anything to be afraid of?
Legends about the psychoactive and intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol constantly circulate around the world, and discussions about it are still coming back like a boomerang. Some manufacturers indicate lack of THC as an advantage of the product - others, on the contrary, as a great disadvantage. Time to cut speculation...
Each of the 5 flavors of InnoVape liquids has a different story. The VAPE PACK 3+2 will allow you to try all 5 FLAVORS FOR THE PRICE OF 3! Classic hemp flavor? Sweet strawberry? Juicy lime or refreshing mint? Or maybe a delicious coffee cake? ... You decide about the taste you would like to try today.
INNUBIO EVENT - information
Dear Partners,
we are pleased to announce that after summarizing the results of the month of August 2019,. thirteen Partners have already secured themselves for participation in Event 19, 20 October this year.

Andrzej Drabikowski - age is just a number
Can you become a professional athlete at the age of 45 and win competitions at the highest levels by competing with people clearly younger than you? Meet Andrzej Drabikowski - INNUBIO Ambassador and the revelation of 2019 in the world of bodybuilding. Enjoy the read.
Is there an ideal hemp oil? Meet INNUBIO Original!
The cannabis market is developing extremely dynamically and its value is growing at an exceptional rate. There are more and more companies and products on the market, whose quality can often raise many doubts. It is no different with hemp oils containing cannabidiol (CBD). Is there an ideal hemp oil?
4 INNUBIO Original hemp oils 5% for the price of 3? Sounds good, right? Take care of your health, the health of your family and your friends buying our special offer of hemp oils containing the full spectrum of natural cannabinoids.
Contest for event participants! Win HUAWEI tablets
Three HUAWEI tablets will be drawn among the participants of the event, which will take place on October 19, 2019 at the new INNUBIO headquarters. 
Natural, safe and legal doping? Hemp in the world of sport!
It is a completely natural, perfectly safe and legal plant with amazing properties that is successfully used by more and more people professionally practicing sports. We are talking about hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), which has been grown in Poland for a long time and offers capabilities that surpass the wildest expectations of even the greatest skeptics.
Holiday postcard — i.e., how to spend summer with INNUBIO
The sun, high temperature and ubiquitous mosquitoes accompany us in Poland in recent years practically until the very end of September. Which INNUBIO products blend in perfectly with summertime? We will probably surprise you with the application of some of them.
Invitation - the opening of companys new headquarters
The board of INNUBIO invites you to a special event that will take place on October 19-20, 2019 in Kalisz. The event is organized on the occasion of the commissioning of INNUBIOs new headquarters, located in Kalisz at 17 Cieszyńska Street.
How to dose hemp oils?
Prophylactic dosage of hemp oil differs from the dosage in the case when we support the therapy of specific diseases. How many times a day and at what time intervals should we apply hemp oils?
CONTEST RESULTS! Your experiences with INNUBIO
We have chosen 3 winners of the contest, who will receive from us a book of their choice and a set of new INNUBIO products - Ground Coffee, as well as BeFit in the flavour of their choice.

Hemp versus health prophylaxis
Hemp products are ideally suited for health prophylaxis. A wide range of healthy hemp oils and numerous foodstuffs are a perfect complement to our daily diet and allow us to fully take care of our health and properly prepare our body to face any problems it may encounter. Because it is easier to prevent diseases than to cure them.
CONTEST! Your experiences with INNUBIO
Tell us your story connected with Innubio - tell us about Innubio products or your success in the development of your own business with Innubio. The most interesting answers will be rewarded with products and books. There will also be a surprise prize!
New! INNUBIO BeFit - get rid of unwanted kilograms!
Innubio BeFit is an innovative formula based on the combination of fractionated coconut oil (MCT) with isolated cannabidiol CBD in proper proportions. The medium-chain fatty acids present in the MCT oil, as well as cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) are quickly converted to energy and exert a clear, pro-health effect on the entire digestive system. BeFit regulates and speeds up metabolism, which in turn translates into faster muscle building and loss of unwanted kilograms.
New! Ground Coffee - start your day with INNUBIO
Ground Coffee is a combination of ground, slow-roasted and aromatic Italian coffee with Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) flowers. Start your day with a hemp accent and choose natural stimulation as well as a healthy dose of valuable cannabinoids. Ground Coffee is an inseparable element of business meetings - surprise your potential Partners by offering them an aromatic coffee with a clearly perceptible note of hemp. The product contains a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids (high content of cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid) and natural caffeine.
Which hemp oil should we choose and how to effectively dose it?
How to choose the right concentration of CBD oil? Which oil from the INNUBIO offer will be suitable for me? How to dose hemp oil and how to apply it?
New! INNUBIO Natural Effect 35% - with your health in mind
Natural Effect hemp oil combines highest quality CO2 extract from Cannabis Sativa L., with a full range of natural cannabinoids, and hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids (EFA). Transparent composition, highest quality raw material, advanced extraction technology along with broad spectrum of healthy properties make the Natural Effect oil a leading product at the hemp market.
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