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INNUBIO Water of life
Announcement! Water of life – water like no other
Water constitutes more than 70% of an adult’s body weight. It is the source of life, indispensable for human beings as well as the surrounding world. To understand ourselves and how our body is built, as well as what external factors affect it both in a negative and positive way, we should learn much more about water, which still holds many secrets…
Welcome, Netherlands!
Today is a special day - it is the inauguration of INNUBIO in the European capital of Hemp.
Cardio - take care of your heart
Under the magnifying glass #2 - Cardio
Cardio is a product that has fitted perfectly into a clear gap in the market of healthy food and diet supplements. This is a bestseller that is one of the best-selling products and gets solely excellent reviews at the same time. Why is this fully natural product so efficient and chosen so willingly?
4 x Antibacterial Hand Gel 100ml + protective mask
Protective mask for free? #innubioprotects
Promoting a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your and your loved ones health is undoubtedly our greatest priority. Following the introduced obligation to cover the nose and mouth, we decided to comprehensively take care of you - our Partners and Clients.
Antibacterial Hand Gel
New! Antibacterial Hand Gel
Daily hand hygiene is an absolute necessity in the current situation in the world. Difficult access to effective protective measures has prompted us to produce a batch of specialized hand sanitizer - Antibacterial Hand Gel.