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Monk fruit - natural medicine
Monk Fruit - natural medicine
Luo Han Guo, Buddha fruit or monk fruit are interchangeable names of a mysterious and at the same legendary fruit of the Chinese monks reached for as proven solution of the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cough, sore throat, bronchitis or to enhance the general body’s immunity.
New! Energy - i can do more!
INNUBIO Energy is an energising and painkilling fully natural hemp oil that uses outstanding properties of CBG cannabinoid.
Products in a new design
Due to the dynamic development of INNUBIO, the design of labels for the following products has changed:
  1. Capsules 600mg CBD
  2. Hemp Seed Oil Capsules
  3. Hemp Fruity 1000mg CBD

How to boost your immunity naturally?
Temperature variations this year have a significant impact on an increased incidence of diseases. Numerous infections caused mainly by viruses and bacteria are a serious problem for both children and adults. How to boost your immunity naturally and take comprehensive care of your health?
New! Hemp Fruity - the sweet taste of hemp
Imagine hemp oil as sweet and delicious as a candy. An oil that, beside all the health benefits of hemp, offers something more..
New! Le Chanvre No1 - be an inspiration
INNUBIO Le Chanvre No1 is an eau de parfum for her and him, enriched with natural terpenes and cannabidiol.
Intense Pack 3+1
The real strength resides in nature! If you choose Intense 3+1 FREE, you will get 4 bottles of Natural Effect 10% hemp oil (1,000 mg). Together they contain over 4,000 mg! of natural cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids at exceptionally low price.
New! InnoVape+ Terpenes – liquids straight from nature
InnoVape+ Terpenes is an innovative approach to classic CBD liquids. The content of natural cannabinoids and selected terpenes, as well as the lack of artificial flavors and nicotine contribute to the fact that InnoVape+ Terpenes liquids are completely safe and have a marked health-promoting effect. The liquids are intended for use with standard electronic cigarettes.
New! Cardio 2+1 FREE Pack
Comprehensively take care of your heart and choose the special Cardio 2 + 1 FREE package. 1 bottle of dietary supplement Cardio contains 12 suggested daily servings of the product. Therefore, the 2 + 1 package provides effective supplementation and is sufficient for at least 30 days of continuous use.
It is time to make New Year’s resolutions, i.e. how to lose weight in the New Year
"New Year, new me ... Starting from 1 January I will do something about myself ...". The beginning of New Year brings about a lot of similar declarations, which are made both by members of our family and our closest friends. We also make similar statements and resolutions. Thus, what are our most frequent promises? Decidedly, the first one refers to the loss of useless kilogrammes and a visible figure improvement still before holidays.
The great return of special offer packages!
Due to the huge interest and the many queries we received, we decided to re-launch the SMART 3+1 and FAMILY 2+1 special offer packages on January 6, 2020 (Monday).
We have fortified the Remuneration System with another attractive bonus for starting Partners. We called it a "FAST PROMOTION".
Phytosterols are the plant compounds of the structure very similar to the human cholesterol. Taken regularly, in the every-day diet, they help to reduce the level of cholesterol efficiently, thus decreasing the risk of a heart attack, atherosclerosis or protecting from neoplasms. Due to its clear hypocholesterolemic action, the plant sterols are an obligatory nutrient, protecting your heart.
Working hours of the Customer Service Office during the 2019 holiday season.
Information regarding the working hours of the Customer Service Office and the shipping of orders during the holiday season.
Chances increased! INNUBIO Business Trip
Given the above, the Directors decided to introduce a certain convenience that, in particular, can help new Business Partners of INNUBIO to acquire the necessary rank and become eligible for the trip. The necessary repetition of the rank is given up, i.e. everyone that becomes the Team Manager or a higher rank manager during the qualification period will be invited to INNUBIO Business Trip without a need to repeat the rank.
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