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Hemp protein powder 200g

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10 ml

Highly absorbable and complete vegetable protein obtained traditionally.

It contains all 20 essential amino acids, including all exogenous amino acids. These are amino acids that cannot be produced by our body on its own. It is a great source of vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D and E, trace elements and macronutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and manganese. 

Hemp protein, and more precisely the amino acids contained in it, are the highest-quality building blocks of muscle mass, with excellent biological value. 

Because of its high content of arginine, regularly consumed hemp protein improves functioning of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and nutrition of muscle cells.

Add protein to your favourite smoothie, cocktail, dessert or shake.

Hemp protein:

  • supports healthy muscle building
  • increases blood flow and prevents atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke
  • prevents arrhythmia
  • helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
  • improves metabolism
  • helps lose weight
  • nourishes muscle cells


Hulled and unhulled seeds of Cannabis Sativa L., protein and cold-pressed hemp seed oil are the so-called superfoods; namely, unprocessed natural food rich in nutrients with unique properties that are particularly favourable for our health and well-being.


FARMS products come from real INNUBIO farms, where hemp is grown with the utmost care, respect for the raw material and without the use of any artificial plant protection products. Contamination-free, fertile, class I soil, as well as manual processing of the raw material guarantee the highest quality of the final product. The FARMS family of products includes seeds, cold-pressed oils, tea blends, coffee, protein and flour.


Hulled defatted seeds of Cannabis sativa L.

Country of origin: Poland


Store in a dry place, away from light.

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