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InnoVape CBD Starter Pack

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10 ml

Can vaporisation be easy and fun? Choose the InnoVape CBD Starter Pack and see how easy it can be to take cannabinoids.

The starter kit includes:

  • 530 mAh battery
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • D-pod cartridge 400 mg CBD/1 ml

Start your adventure with vaporization, which is one of the most effective methods of delivering cannabinoids to the body. The InnoVape CBD Starter Pack is a complete set consisting of a discreet, mobile and minimalist device with a charger and a hemp distillate cartridge with a content of up to 40% CBD!

Regular intake of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes can have a positive effect on:

  • The relief of nervous tension – relaxation and tranquillity
  • The increase of concentration – ordering and focusing thoughts
  • The reduction of the occurrence of inflammation in the body
  • The regeneration of the body after increased physical and mental effort
  • The improvement of the quality of your sleep – get a good, strong and restful sleep

What is vaporisation?

Vaporisation, i.e. the pulmonary method, is one of the most effective methods of delivering cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids to our body. It is characterized by high bioavailability – much higher than when using popular CBD oils or pastes with hemp extract. The accompanying phenomenon of vaporization is heating and evaporation, not burning, as is the case with standard smoking. The hot air stream therefore releases only active compounds, and the steam is devoid of any tar substances.

Natural hemp distillate

By choosing InnoVape, you get an all-natural product that is a combination of MCT oil and the highest purity hemp distillate, containing Futura 75 hemp extract, with a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids.

High bioavailability and speed of action

Cannabinoids delivered to the body by vaporisation start working within minutes of taking them. The bioavailability of the active compounds taken in this way is very high and estimated at about 60%. The effects of taking cannabinoids pulmonary can last up to 4 hours.

Always at hand

You can have your InnoVape mobile vaporizer with you at all times. Thanks to its small size and minimalist and stylish design, it allows you to take cannabinoids discreetly wherever you want. Remember – during the vaporization you will feel the unique taste and aroma characteristic of the cannabis plants.

Ceramic D-pod cartridge

Taking care of the full safety of users, the mouthpiece and the D-pod cartridge coil are made of ceramics. Unlike most cartridges available on the market, the materials from which the InnoVape cartridge was made do not contain lead or other heavy metals.

Long-life battery

The battery with the INNUBIO logo is small in size and has a large capacity of 530 mAh, which allows for long-term use of the device without frequent charging. The Micro USB cable included in the Starter Pack allows for simple and quick charging and is fully compatible with most of the chargers available on the market, including chargers for smartphones and iPhones.

Vegan product.

100% natural.

It does not contain glycol and glycerine.


MCT oil, CBD distillate.


Remember! Vaporise responsibly.

Begin with a maximum of a few breaths a day and observe your bodys response. 

If necessary, gradually increase the frequency.


1 cartridge (1 ml) contains guaranteed 400 mg of CBD


Attach the battery cartridge to the battery by carefully screwing it in.

Start the device by pressing the button 5 times (the control diode will light up).

Hold the button and start vaporising.

After you finish using the device, turn the device off by pressing the button 5 times.


If the device is turned on, pressing the button 3 times will increase the heating temperature (the color of the diode will change):

Green color - low temperature (optimal for beginners and intermediate users)

Blue color - medium temperature (optimal for advanced users)

Red color - high temperature (optimal for advanced users)

If the device is turned on, pressing the button 2 times will preheat the liquid (the control diode will light up).

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