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Symbiotic Sauercraut 60 capsules

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10 ml

Dehydrated Sauerkraut from INNUBIO is an all-natural vegan dietary supplement in capsules that uses symbiotic and healthy effects of helpful probiotic bacteria. Go for proven solutions of natural medicine provided in state-of-the-art and extremely accessible form. Do you know that your immunity starts in your guts? Take care of it from now!


The history of sauerkraut dates back to the 17th century. From the very beginning it has been closely linked with protection of sailors against various disorders and comprehensive support of the immune system. When cabbage naturally ferments, lactic acid bacteria are formed. They have a positive impact on the intestinal bacterial flora and thereby on the functioning of the human immune system.

Sauerkraut, which is a superfood, is a real vitamin bomb.  It is a rich source of vitamin C, A, E and K and vitamins B, along with fibre, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. It is recommended in the prevention of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disorders or to those on diet. Moreover, it regulates blood glucose levels and has a pronounced detoxifying effect. With a high content of vitamin C, sauerkraut will be a good remedy for cold, improves your mood or helps keep your mouth and gums healthy.

The power of natural probiotics

Probiotic bacteria, also known as lactic acid bacteria, are beneficial, living microorganisms that have a positive effect on the immune system, including the digestive system. While colonising the intestinal mucosa, these bacteria normalise the microflora and acidify the environment to create conditions unfavourable for pathogens, which are harmful foreign bodies and microorganisms that cause diseases. Probiotic bacteria found in Dehydrated Sauerkraut from INNUBIO destroy and weaken pathogens, having a positive effect on the human immune system. 

Intestines – the second brain

A huge network of neurons and glial cells make up the nervous network of the digestive system. It is a complex system responsible for far more processes than just digestion. This is because the enteric nervous system helps to protect us from harmful pathogens and disease-causing agents and is responsible for the spontaneous and self-sustaining function of the digestive system. Brain and intestines interact in a bidirectional way. What does it mean? Excessive stress and other psychological problems weaken the intestinal barrier, thereby becoming a cause of many diseases. It works the same way the other way round – intestinal flora disorders and pathogens found in the digestive system can be the cause of mental issues. 

An innovative dehydration method

Application of modern dehydration technology, i.e. removal of water from the raw material, made it possible to retain all valuable nutrients: helpful microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements, along with essential oils and extracts containing volatile compounds. Dehydration takes place in a copper chamber at 30-40oC. Steam discharged from the raw material is condensed into a tank. Dehydrated raw material is not processed and exhibits a high biological activity and the highest content of valuable nutrients. 10 kilograms of dehydrates raw material gives is 1 kilogram of the final product.

Differences between dehydration and freeze-drying

A freeze-dried raw material undergoes three key stages: stage 1 – freezing at a minimum temperature of -40oC; stage 2 – primary drying in a vacuum with a wave of hot air; and stage 3 – secondary drying with microwaves and infrared lamps. The final product, previously freeze-dried, is exposed to several important factors, such as low and high temperatures, vacuum, microwaves and infrared radiation. This makes it possible to preserve valuable nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, macroelements and volatile compounds found in natural essential oils or extracts. When exposed to harmful external factors, these components degrade and their content in the final product will be negligible.

Dehydrated Sauerkraut from INNUBIO undergoes dehydration. This process does not involve both low and high temperatures, vacuum, microwaves or infrared radiation. With dehydration under right conditions, the final product has the highest content of valuable nutrients and high bioavailability.

How is Dehydrated Sauerkraut from INNUBIO manufactured?

  1. Organic cultivation of cabbage
  2. Traditional pickling of cabbage in stoneware barrels
  3. Laboratory analysis (1/3)
  4. Dehydration in a copper chamber at 30-40oC
  5. Grinding of the raw material
  6. Laboratory analysis (2/3)
  7. Encapsulation (vegetable cellulose capsules)
  8. Laboratory analysis (3/3)
  9. Packaging and labelling

The packaging contains 60 capsules.

Vegan, gluten-free product.

Natural product.


Dehydrated sauerkraut, vegan (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) capsule.


Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules (1 capsule, 2 times a day) with a meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied and balanced diet.

This product is not intended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.

Store in a dark and cool place. 

Keep out of reach of small children.


A daily serving (2 capsules) contains:  700 mg of dehydrated sauerkraut


Swallow one capsule with a meal.

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