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Water of life: Immuno+ 1l Limited

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10 ml

Limited quantity

Water of life: Immuno+ is a nanostructured, ionised water that uses the extraordinary immunomodulating properties of positive ions. With a slightly acidic pH (6.8-7.0), its high oxidation reduction potential (ORP) (1250 mV) and positive ions contained in it, Immuno+ supports functioning of the immune system.

Power of positive ions

Positive ions are only produced by a strong and stable immune system.  The stronger the immune system is, the more positive ions, which are natural pathogen-fighting oxidants, it produces. When our system is weakened, it should be strengthened. Ionised Water of life: Immuno+ contains significantly more positive ions that have a significant impact on correct functioning of the immune system. Their ability to destroy viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, when you drink Immuno+ regularly, improves general immunity and health on many levels.

Multi-stage production process

Water of life: Immuno+ produced from perfectly clean water with high mineral content in a multi-stage filtration, structuring, ionisation. Its intake is located in Kashubia (Poland), which is one of the cleanest European regions. In the production process, one litre of pure water is used to produce half a litre of the final product – a completely safe, heavy metal-free and bacteria-free drink, produced without any additives or preservatives. 

Strengthen your immune system

Water of life Immuno+ is a drink that supports immune system. Trust the natural power of positive ions that will help you in the fight against:

  • viruses and parasites
  • inflammation
  • fungal infections

Synergy of Ion Drink and Immuno+

Good hydration and greater performance and physical condition increases activity of positive ions and improves functioning of organs that stimulate immune response and release of necessary energy. Drink Immuno+ alternately with Ion Drink, the second one at least 30 minutes after the first one.

A slightly perceptible odour, similar to the smell of chlorine, results from hypochlorous acid that is completely safe, naturally occurs in the product and is formed during its production (it is exactly the same as the one produced by our body).


Water (nanostructured, ionised).


Pour water into a glass.

Use as instructed.


It is best to drink half a glass 2-4 times a day, 10 minutes before a meal.

Use this product alternately with Water of life: Ion Drink (drink the second one at least 30 minutes after the first one).

Store in a dark and cool place.

Keep away from sunlight.

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