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/ Water of life / Ion Mist 100ml

Ion Mist 100ml

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10 ml

Water of life: Ion Mist is nanostructured, ionized and ozonated water in the form of mist, intended for all skin types.

Produced from perfectly clean, highly mineralized deep water, in the process of advanced filtration, structuring, ionization and ozone saturation.

Ion Mist is a product that will comprehensively take care of your body at different levels: 

  • Moisturizing and reduction of wrinkles - Immediate effect of long-lasting moisturizing, firming and brightening of the complexion. The skin gains tightness, softness and smoothness, while all the wrinkles get reduced.
  • Reducing irritations - It soothes redness, irritations, abrasions and burns (including sunburns). Perfect for applying directly after depilation and shaving.
  • Hair care - It nourishes, moisturizes, smoothens and brightens the hair, taking care of its appearance and overall condition. It makes hair manageable.

The product is intended for application on the face, whole body and hair.

Excellent absorbability - even when applying makeup (not waterproof).

Vegan product, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic.


Water (positive ions, nanostructure).


Apply the mist directly to the face, body or hair. Use repeatedly during the day.


Store at room temperature. Protect against direct sunlight.

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